Keys to Successful Walmart HQ Meetings

Dec 9, 2022

At Legacy Retail, we have decades of experience working with Walmart, along with other retailers, in every category of retail. We’re also different than the typical brokerage firm: Like you, we are vendors who sell our products to Walmart; therefore, we understand the challenges your company faces. 


So we are willing and able to help you navigate this complex subject for your business. 


Meeting Preparation


Knowing your business inside and out is the first key to having a successful meeting. This means knowing everything about your products: production capacities, capabilities, shipping options, target consumer, competition, and where you fit in with Walmart’s strategic direction and consumers.


Learn as many details as possible about who you’re meeting with. Try to understand what their role is and what their pain points are and formulate solutions you can offer. It is important to consider these ahead of time to ensure you fully understand how your company and offering can help solve these challenges. 


If you don’t know these things, be sure to open your meeting with questions. Asking questions generally leads to fruitful discussion, then you can lead your conversation to address any previously unknown opportunities that may arise.




Walmart is very punctual and normally schedules back-to-back meetings; To ensure you communicate all that you need to, consider using the KISS model (yes, the one you are thinking of: Keep It Simple, Stupid). 


You will have less time than you want or need, so communicate your story, what your company is, what your brand stands for, what items you’re presenting and how they provide a solution for the consumer, and how your products are a good fit for Walmart stores.


Lastly, time your message and ensure it has a good structure and flow. Also, present it to your coworkers and get feedback from them. 


You should open your meeting with quick introductions, then make your points, and leave room at the end for questions and establishing clear follow-up steps.


Following Up


As you hoped, the meeting went well. Now you need to establish what the next steps are, and ensure everyone on your team understands who is doing what and when everything things need to be completed. This helps hold everyone accountable and continues moving the process forward.


Be clear and concise in your follow-up: Include attendees, date/time, a recap, and action steps for everyone. It is important that you do not give up and that you don’t wait on your Walmart rep to contact you because you’re concerned about pestering them; Doing so could mean losing your opportunity. So the responsibility to follow up rests solely on you.


Now you have the tools to lead an engaging and successful meeting with Walmart. This framework isn’t complicated, but it’s not easy to execute its steps. At Legacy Retail, we understand the intricacies involved, and we have decades of experience in facilitating great meetings and successful retail partnerships with Walmart.


So if you have questions or need assistance, reach out to Legacy Retail by clicking here. We are here to help you win!

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