Understanding Retailer Objectives To Improve Your Product Development

Jul 7, 2022

Ready to see your products get picked up by big-box retailers and fly off the shelves? If so, here’s the key to a winning pitch…

Make your product development and pitch personal – from beginning to end.

Determine The Most Important Objectives

The retailer has provided you with a big list of objectives to hit. Great! But, now you have to figure out which of these objectives are the most important. Not easy. Here’s the solution: talk to your potential buyer. Why? Because they’ll give you insider knowledge that’s tough to get anywhere else. 

For example, they can tell you which retailer objectives come from corporate direction versus which ones the retailer really cares about. That kind of knowledge is key to helping you hit the most important objectives.

Pitch To Your Audience 

When you’re talking to your potential buyer, try to learn who they are as a person. What are their hobbies? What products do they already own, love, or find interesting? 

For example, let’s say you met a potential buyer named John. He loves hiking and has a few favorite reusable water bottles. He raves about them while you’re chatting. In fact, he loves them so much he also uses them all week at his office. 

When you’re developing your product, include John’s hobby of hiking and the water bottles he loves so much in your proposal. If you do, you’ll connect with John and others like him on a personal level. 

Seal The Deal

To wrap it up, the magic happens when you bring together retailer objectives and your potential buyer’s interests. This results in product development that is focused. The outcome of this is your developing a product that will capture your potential buyer and have your product flying off the shelves. 

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