Why You Should Partner With The Home Depot

Oct 1, 2021

With 2,300 stores across North America and over $132 billion in sales, The Home Depot has easily established itself as the world’s leading home improvement retail company. It’s well known that the home improvement retail giant is an incredibly popular source for consumers to purchase home fixtures and home furnishings, and appeals to both avid DIY’ers and Home Depot’s Pro Customers, but what may come as a surprise is just how important eCommerce is to the retailer’s overall business success.

The Home Depot’s focus on the development of their Pro Customer ecosystem and enhanced digital offerings proved successful in 2020, and the retailer has made it clear that these avenues will continue to strongly contribute to its future growth.

The Home Depot has leaned into its $11 billion digital investment, One Home Depot, a multi-year strategy to unlock a frictionless interconnected shopping experience, and with record breaking results.

Alongside this significant investment in improving their digital shopping experience, the retailer has taken significant action towards improving its international and domestic supply chain, and now aims to deliver one-day shipping to over 90% of U.S. consumers

The Home Depot has also invested in its technology capabilities, including website and mobile applications, which allows for easier in-store navigation as well as an industry leading interconnected shopping experience. In fact, on a two year stack basis, The Home Depot reports that sales on digital platforms are up 100%

As The Home Depot continues to enhance its digital offerings, supplier support, and marketing programs, home improvement geared brands that are ready to step into the future of the interconnected shopping experience are sure to find success in partnering with this retailer. 

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